DJ Bling Foundation
DJ Bling Foundation

About Us


The vision of DJ Bling Foundation is a society where every child has the ability to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities through academic success, positive role models, and community service. 


Our mission is to equip every student with the supplies, resources, and support needed to achieve and maintain academic success.

Our Programs


Free School Supplies

Our core program is providing free school supplies to students of low-income families. Since 2013 we have helped over 10,000 students in the Central Texas area. Many of our supplies are given away at the annual DJ Bling's Back 2 School Festival.


Free Bikes

In 2018 we partnered with Austin Transportation Department and Austin Police Department to teach Road Safety Courses and provide free bikes, helmets, and locks to kids of low-income families. In two years we have provided 250 kids with free bikes.


Educational Resources

Access to resources and information is one of the many hardships for low-income communities. We provide access to information and other family resources such as health screenings, dental, college information, clothes, shoes, and many other needed family resources. 


Technology Access

As more and more schools increase online learning and technology based learning many low-income families do not have access to the required technology. We strive to make sure each family has at least one laptop or tablet in order for their students to access online learning tools and classroom assignments.