Who We Are


DJ Bling Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Joseph "DJ Bling" Thompson. Our aim is to make sure every child goes to school with the tools needed to be successful in their pursuit of education and successful futures. Since 2013 we have helped over 6,000 children and their families with various free family resources, free school supplies, bicycle and road education, and more.

How We're Helping

Free Basic School Supplies for Kids


Our core service is we provide free basic school supplies to children of low income families in Central Texas. In a study by the Education Market Association, parents spend on average $600 per child on school supplies, clothes, and electronics. In Texas, 43% of children live in low-income families who can't afford basic school supplies, clothes, or electronics leaving these 3,375,666 million kids unprepared to learn and be successful in their education. Teachers spend on average $1,000 of their own money, with no reimbursement or incentives, on extra supplies and materials for the classroom and those children who are lacking. Since 2013, our program has provided thousands of these children each year with free basic school supplies and other resources to equip and prepare them for a successful school year. 

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Equipping The Future Scholarships (Coming Soon)


Education is the key to a better career, better income, along with a better path to success. Many students from low income families who graduate high school are faced with the question of can they truly afford college. Most opt out of attending college because they lack financial resources needed to continue their education. Our Equipping Our Future scholarships will help make it possible for kids from low income families and underserved communities to not only have the financial resources they need to go to college, but also have the mentorship and guidance to be successful and maintain good academic standing throughout their academic career. Our goal is to assist youth in college who can then return to encourage and assist other children from low-income families.

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